Adding emote to channel

So I tried adding gachiBass to my twitch but it won’t let me use it, is there a guide for that?

Hi, go to this page:
And click “Add to channel”

You can search for other emotes here:

I did this but how do i use the emote in twitch chat? I copy and paste and no emote just words

Make sure you have the BTTV extension installed.

Under your BTTV settings, make sure you have “BetterTTV Emotes” and “BetterTTV GIF Emotes” enabled.

I’m on mobile and I don’t see this :confused:

BTTV only exists as a desktop browser extension, not as a mobile app.

So I gotta enable through desktop then I can do emotes on mobile?

I mean that BTTV only works when you’re using Twitch on a PC.

That’s dumb lol…

Unfortunately, maintaining the BTTV browser extension in order to keep up with Twitch’s constant changes to their site is already enough work for Night. There aren’t any plans to make a BTTV mobile app.

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