Adding a command to prevent $(user) from voting twice?

Hi there,
Really quick, I am running a “Sweepstakes” or “Giveaway”, to celebrate the release of one of my favorite game series. What I would like to do, if at all possible, is to have Nightbot tally a $(user) that has “entered to win” (I have to use specific wording for legal purposes) or rather “Voting”, and preventing them from “entering to win” twice. The purpose I was thinking, was to generate a random entry number which will place the $(user) into a random generator for picking the winner. I know, I know, there is a random number giveaway feature already within Nightbot… According to my lawyer, I have to keep a detailed record of user “entries”, and I would also like the giveaway to be more interactive with my chat. I have to adhere to specific guidelines, so this doesn’t become an illegal lottery. Okay, anyways, here is my simple command as I have it set up currently in Nightbot.

!enterpc PogChamp $(user) Has been Entered to Win a PC Copy of (Game Title) $(user) your Random Number is $(customapi EleGiggle

I have 3 commands showing similar messages.
The random number provided, is their entry number, and the number I will be putting into the random number generator.
I don’t want a $(user) to generate multiple random numbers to better their odds.

I would like to see if someone has an idea on a command that would tie into what I have above. and read something like,if the type in;

!enterpc for a 2nd time)=FailFish $(user) you have already entered to Win a copy of (Game Title) your random number was (XYZ) Please keep this number to see if you win!

Is this too complex??

Okay, so i am no lawyer, but i don’t think any of this is needed at all. In my opinion. But there is no such way that i can think of for you to get done what you want to be done. There is no way to lock a user out of a command once after using it.

That being said

If you need to keep a detailed record of user entries then you can just have a log of chat (since that is what you are essentially getting anyways) and use the specific keyword feature of the nightbot giveaway system. Anyone who has used the keyword has entered and you keep a record of such. Nightbot also has logs of this in the nightbot panel if you dont want to keep a log using an outside program.

So i don’t think nightbot can do what you want it to do, but i also don’t think you need what you are trying to do. And i would look into what your lawyer is telling you, because i have never heard such a thing

@Slikrick I appreciate the feed back. Thank you very much for the response.

I will try and figure out if a $(customapi) can be written for what I am after.

To reiterate what I was refering to above; Technically, any giveaway, sweepstakes, raffle, or lottery in the US, has very strict laws governing over how and what constitutes as legal or illegal, especially pertaining to social media. Too many streamers, do this way too often, and not in the legal way. After all, most of these “giveaways”, “contests” or “Raffles” are to gain followers, amiright>?
There are legal definitions for all 3, and specific arguments pertaining to what is legal and not.

I’m honestly, doing this for the gaming community, and I want to give something back. If I pick up people along the way, even better, but if not, that’s ok too. My “Giveaway” constitutes really as a “Sweepstakes” because the winners are chosen at random.

So, If that is the soul purpose of someone’s giveaway; to gain followers, and it is something they disclosed as being so, it constitutes as “Consideration” and could potentially fall under an illegal lottery. I need to be very specific about my giveaway, because I don’t need the Government or someone with a beef trying to sue me or fine me, for not following the legalities of “Giveaways/ Sweepstakes”. I also have a set of Official rules written up, disclosing the nature of my Giveaway/ Sweepstakes.

I do have a chat log app attached to Chrome, that logs everything. I’m not a programer, so I was hoping for something.

I don’t expect you to read any of this, however this is Reference pertaining to my concerns.

If you’re only looking to have 1 random number generated per twitch user, create your own custom API that would store the output to a spreadsheet or something similar, so it would say Owyn 258. So my Twitch name would be Owyn and my random number would be 258. Than have the API check is the twitch user has a number already or not. If they already have a number, either update the number to the new one, or print out a message saying they’ve already entered. On the flip side, if I really wanted more than 1 number, all I’d have to do is create more than 1 twitch account.

@Owyn Thank you. all good points, I have a better idea of where I should go with this. I appreciate it!

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