"add to songlist" button wrong list

So there is the “add to my playlist” button only when in CHANNEL songlist, not public monstercat list, this button should be blue on the other list…

The monstercat playlist is your playlist, since it’s the playlist you have configured. There can only be single playlist per channel at this time.

No not for me, for me if I select “Monstercat” under settings I have all the above 800 monstercat songs, but have the

Grey profile icon and my grey channel name below the soundcloud link.

However if I select “Channel” playlist, and thus already AM in the Channel playlist, THEN I get the blue “Save to channel playlist” button. (making no sense, afaik it all should be the other way around, so I can save my favourite monstercat songs to my “Channel” playlist and play that list :slight_smile: )

No, that’s not how it works. You get one playlist. If you choose a managed playlist, like Monstercat, you are not able to add songs to it…

No no, I do not want to add songs to my monstercat songlist. I want to add songs from the monstercat songlist to my channel playlist. And currently the only way to do that is to switch to “channel” playlist, then “add song” and enter the soundcloud link… instead of just making the blue button “add to channel playlist” in the monstercat list.

Unfortunately that’s not possible, sorry. There’s no such thing as having two playlists at once, you only get one playlist, as was stated already twice.

Wait, I have two playlists… I have the “monstercat” playlist and the “channel” one so that is already two if I count correctly. So Just the blue button needs to be changed to display when “monstercat” is selected and not “channel” playlist. Currently the blue button makes no sense as when I am in my own customized “channel” playlist already, the blue button says “add to channel”… sooo…

You can only have 1 playlist active at a time, as was already stated…

Yes yes, that’s clear to me, but when I listen to “channel” playlist there is a blue button “add to channel” while I AM at that moment already listening to songs that are in my channel… Or does this button mean sth. else? Twitch channel?

That button allows you to add the current song playing in the channel queue to your channel playlist. You cannot modify curated playlists, like Monstercat’s.

But in my channel, channel playlist and channel queue are the same, no?

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