Add timestamp to a 24h list

Hello, i would like to make something like this:

When someone saw something on the stream he can just use a command like !add to add this time to the list.
And then everyone others could use a command !list to see all of those added time’s by other people.

So it would look like this:
!add 15:40
!add 17:32
!add 23:50


After 24h the list would be cleared.

Is this possible to do?

Hey @F_O_X!

It’s possible to do something like this, I already have a draft of the command, however, before I start writing code, can you tell me how you intent your viewers to use it? Because I assume it’s for those watching the VOD, so they can go back to the funny bits of the stream, but since you can’t post messages in VOD chat anymore and that Nightbot would have never replied there anyway, do you expect your viewers to call the command in your chat and then go look for these moments in the VOD? Doesn’t seem very efficient/user-friendly in my opinion. I think it’s an interesting idea, however, I’m not sure it would be used much. Unless it’s a major request from your community, I don’t think it’s worth the time to write the code for it. Feel free to convince me otherwise.

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