Add music to live stream (from different host)

Hey guys,

Just signed up for nightbot today and wow is it amazing.

We have a live stream of an active volcano where I’ve now been able to provide access to changing the PTZ zoom and presents to our viewers. (if you wanted to see it, check out Live Stream / Webcam of Mt Ruapehu from Ohakune, New Zealand - YouTube

Anyways, the stream is RTMP direct from the physical camera, with no OBS or streaming software in-between. I’m wondering if its somehow possible to add audio / songs to the stream after the fact, i.e. for nightbot or some other system sitting at home, pushing just the audio to the live stream?

I dont want the camera to stream to an intermediate system (like OBS) if I dont have to, as this would create a point of failure for the actual video source which is very stable.

Many thanks

Hiya, cool livestream!
Nightbot web or desktop app will play the audio on the pc of the streamer, it doesn’t broadcast the audio directly, streaming software for example OBS will pick up the audio and broadcast it. Dont think what you want is currently possible without any software in between.

I was afraid you’d say that; I may have to consider a virtual server and OBS in the future when I have time to lean something new (OBS)