Add a purge button?

It would be cool to have a purge button next to people’s names like the timeout / ban button.

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As a backup there are two different things you can do. First enable Mod Card Keybinds in settings, then clicking on a username and using the p key will purge them. Second, Right-Clicking their name will show a slider that you can move to the bottom to purge someone.

I find the Mod Card Keybinds really helpful. Hope this helps.

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Adding to what @Aaron128l has already said, there is also the option to click on a username and then select the “Purge” option within the mod card instead of using the P Keybind.

I second that motion.

I am aware that there are Mod Card Keybindings, the slider, you can click on a user name and select purge or write /p + username in chat.

But I could really use a Purge icon next to the “Ban User” and “Time Out User” icons you usually see next to a username in chat.

It makes it a little easier, when you mod in a large channel, where people can’t control their backseating / spoilers .

But then again, it’s a minor detail that doesn’t take away from the BTTV-experience in general (:

We’re not looking to further clutter the chat UI with yet another button. There is an extremely limited amount of space chat takes up. Another button is another 18 pixels lost in a 340 pixel width chat. Long names and badges already take up too much space.