Add a monthly subscription?

Hey not sure if this is the correct place to post, But i was wondering if you guys could implement somthing like a sub button to bttv, were we could gain an extra icon next to our names like the turbo icon and subscriber icon?
I am an icon whore and would defiantly pay a monthly subscription to support you guys.

Just an idea thanks

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We are currently exploring the possibility of a paid subscription system with extra features. Unless we can come up with some killer features to make a subscription worthwhile, it may not happen.

I mean the features you guys offer already are reason enough to support you guys, I myself would happily pay $5 a month or more just for an extra icon like the turbo badge even though it can only be seen by over bttv users.

if your looking for some cool features to add maybe let subscribers create one of there own emotes or something sim
so i mean even if you only get a few people sub I still think its a good idea. but if you do decide to not go ahead with it link me to somewhere i can contribute to help you guys out anyway

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