Add a custom value to an existing Command

Hi guys,

Iam looking for a command to add a specific amount to an existing query command
At the moment I have the following setup:

For Viewers: “Kills this month: [Value]”

Mod: edit !kills Kills this month: $(query)
So my mods need to know what was the actual killcount p.e. 30 kills and when I do p.e. 10 kills they must write “!kills+ 40” to edit the !kill uo to 40.

Is there anyway to do like “!kills+ 10” so that !kills will raise automaticly from p.e. 30 up to 40 ???

Greetings thanks in advance! <3

Sorry but there currently isn’t a way to get the value of a count from another command. Because of this we can’t really do static math for a dynamic value such as this.

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