Actual !command showing in the chat

The command (ex: !discord) is showing in the chat and then a few comments later nightbot shows what the command is supposed to say. It was not working this way before. Any ideas?

Hey @Alison_Hartson!

What do you mean? Can you take a screenshot so we understand better?

Hi, Emily! In this case, it took two moderators to do the command until it finally showed, and this screenshot shows how the command appears, and then the text itself.

I mean, this is the intended behavior…
I don’t know if you expect Nightbot to delete the command call, but that’s only an option for some Discord bots (I assume that’s where you got this expectation from), streaming services don’t give tools to be able to do things like this.

When it comes to the first failed command call, it’s possible it’s due to the command cooldown, or that the command is for mods+ only, check your !like command settings on the dashboard.

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