Accidentally edited !title command

Accidentally used !editcom on !title command, and am now unable to reset the command to the default !title command. What is the correct notation to rewrite the command?

!title is a default command. You can’t edit or delete it unless you previously made a custom command that’s also called !title that’s overriding the default command. Look to see if there’s a custom command called !title. If so, delete it off the dashboard or run !delcom !title in chat.

I already did delete the custom title command. How to get the default command back?

That’s all you needed to do. Like I said, the default !title command can’t be edited/deleted. Once you get rid of the custom command, the default command should be now usable.

If you still can’t use !title, go to the dashboard and go to Commands > Default > !title
Make sure that the default command !title is enabled.

The command has returned after resetting the bot. Thanks for your help. <3

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