About allowing links on nightbot

I have a small problem here and rlly don’t know how to deal with. For example it is like this. If my viewer post any link in the chat, nightbot will delete link with a message, thats fine. But, when I do !allow name or !permit name nighbot says that person is allowed to post links for 60sec, then same person link is for me deleted link but this time nighbot does not says that person is timedout because posting link, and person itself can view link, but not me. Tried with 2 different twitch acc in my channel. So I just wonder how I can see link when person is permited (my links block at twitch settings is unchecked)

Could you please post a screenshot of this happening? Are you using any 3rd party extensions while viewing chat? This seems somewhat odd, and seems to be an issue with something that happens while you are viewing chat.

now is ok I had moobot and nightbot in chat with some link options and stuff, now is fine I guess, if happens again, I will post it