Ability to change the chat box height

I would like to change the chat box height, because creating commands with bigger chat box would be so much easier, I know I can change the width be using mouse to drag the chat window but it makes the video smaller.

I tried to use Stylish also and I managed to make it bigger but then the buttons below chat goes top of the chat box. I can not find Stylish command to move the chat box little higher.

Hey Max,

Love the enthusiasm but once again, best to suggest features and ideas over on Github - https://github.com/night/BetterTTV/issues

Vaughn Whiskey

If you needed more room you could go to the twitch popout chat in a different tab.


This will open a chat that will spam your whole screen. This should be more than enough room to make your command. Just change the USERNAME and you’re good to go.

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