A way to generate a random command

Let me rephrase this to be sure its understood I’m not looking on how to create a random generation but asking if there is a way to Generate a random command from my list? I hope that makes sense… I just started using nightbot a day ago lol but do dabble in code.

this is works but doesn’t execute the command

$(eval a=[!anyonethere,!babies,!god,!goddess,!owl,!voices,!slap @1mentalmisfi,!hug @1mentalmisfit,!pandora,!nerd];a[Math.floor(Math.random()*a.length)])

No not really the only way to do that would be to combine all your commands into one big command that picks out a random one really.

Mmmmm yes that sounds very clunky… Okay well I appreciate the response.

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