A way to cancel songrequest using keyword

As I, and others, use Custom API’s increasingly more, I wanted to ask whether something is possible, or could be implemented. I know of quite some people who use custom API’s to do !songrequest. Sometimes these API’s are unable to fetch a video (i.e. an API I made that gets a random song from a channel, there might not be a channel). The problem is that Nightbot will always respond with some sort of “Invalid ID” or “Specify video ID”. This is inconvenient in some cases.
My question is if there’s any way to let Nightbot ignore a !songrequest, by using a keyword for instance? If not, could or will this be implemented?
It would be really useful if I could return “#ignore” in my API’s so Nightbot will simply ignore the !songrequest alias.

Thanks in advance.

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Nightbot will be adding native requests by song name in the upcoming version of Nightbot, but will still not support deletion by name. We do not have an API for searching through queued songs by name, since the queue is of limited length and it doesn’t make it worth the trouble.

You will, however, be able to delete your own requests via the song requests page in the next version. You could then avoid chat commands altogether, which reduces command spam in chat.

Ah, that’d be great. New ideas brewing in my head already :slight_smile:

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