A tech available for a question?

Hi guys,

I have a question please : I m streaming on Youbue and I was using Streamlabs before and I try to switch to Nightbot.
They have a really cool feature that I would like to add on Nightbot, the loyalty point systeme.

I m a real noob in coding but I found the Streamlabs API for loyalty points, I think I can use it to use it on Nightbot but I have no idea how…

Here is the API : https://gyazo.com/c322099da6aa3cd3ede68c6c66a5e771

A nice dev could explain it to me please? It would be really nice !
Thanks a lot !!!

Heya! With that API in the screenshot you can check how many points a user has by their username. However you would still need the other bot in your chat to keep giving points to everyone.

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