A problem with showing the top donator

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When I telling to my OBS to read text from file and then it shows the top donator, after i restarting my PC it is getting deleted but the most recent donator is still shown. I checked my Streamtip application settings and there is no any V in the place that it asking you if you want to reset any text file on open so all is turned off and i have no idea why is it still restarting it after computer restart. What should i do?
Thanks for helpers.

Check the settings of the application. If you set it to reset the file, it will empty it on startup. Otherwise, it will pull the top tipper of the month at startup and place them in the file.

So i checked it and it is not set to reset the file and It happens just with this file because the recent donator file is going fine. what can it be?

So what you’re saying is, that if a top donater is more than 30 days old, it get’s deleted anyway ?

I am not cool with that. I am a new streamer and I don’t get that many donations yet, I have to manually write in my top donator at every stream.

There should be options for this instead of just dev choosing what we want.

Nothing gets “deleted,” but it doesn’t show in the alerter application. There has to be an upper limit on when this data isn’t shown anymore, and a “top of all time” doesn’t make sense.

If you’re going be displaying the top user for over a month of time, just add them using OBS or XSplit’s Text tool. The alerter application is meant to save time editing the text if you get a lot of tips.

I receive a lot of donations…
Of course it make sense. We are paying monthly for your service SIR…
I want this awsome function too.
Why the hell it makes no sense and why it isnt implimented yet?

Please add this feature! Only what you have to do is spending a few minutes of your time!

I can’t belive your answer…

Kind regards,

If it’s something a lot of people want I’ll reconsider, since I generally do things that I feel the majority benefit from.

I’ve created a UserVoice for NightDev (just to see what kind of feedback people are willing to provide). You’re welcome to add this as a feedback/idea request to https://nightdev.uservoice.com/forums/260987-streamtip

If UserVoice turns into a good place to collect feedback from users I’ll consider using it for other NightDev products as well.

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