8ball command not working O^O

Hi! Tried creating an 8ball command and I’m just getting ‘Right-hand side of ‘instanceof’ is not an object’. I’ve looked at similar q’s but their answers didn’t work! I’ve added the \ before the ’ in “don’t”, so it’s not that…is it? Here’s my code for the command.

$(eval var s = ['All signs point to yes...', 'Yup!', 'My sources say no', 'You can rely on it~', 'Ask nicer UwU', 'Outlook isn't great...', 'Better not tell you', 'Doubtful.', 'Always!', 'Why not?', 'Most likely.', 'Not right now', 'Don\'t count on it.']; '$(querystring)'.trim() == '' ? 'Ask a question!' : s[Math.floor(Math.random() * s.length)];)

Hiya, Can you use these backticks to show your current command: ``` command ``` ? Otherwise it will mess up the quotes you are using.

Yes, thanks for adding that. There is still one unescaped quote in there: Outlook isn't great...

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