40 second countdown

I’m looking to make a 40 second countdown. At the need have it say DROP IT!!!
!40 (to start the countdown)
Timer started (40)
10 secs later
Timer (30)
10 secs later
Timer (20)
10 secs later
Timer (10)
5 secs later
Timer (5)
Timer (4)
Timer (3)
Timer (2)
Timer (1)

This is not something you can do with Nightbot, sorry. Nightbot has timers but you cannot trigger a flow which automatically posts messages on a timer.


I wrote a script for this. Nightbot can’t send messages faster than 1 message per 5 seconds, so it isn’t possible to make it send a message for each of the last 5 seconds of the countdown. Therefore I can only make Nightbot send messages at 40s, 30s, 20s, 10s, 5s, and 0s. Copy and paste the following setup into your chat to create the countdown command.

!addcom -cd=50 !40 $(urlfetch https://rokbot.xyz/dropit.php)

thank you for your help!!!

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