3x1 connected emote

So Ive made myself a connected three part emote, that is meant to be used in one line. It was approved at first, but next day the middle part was banned because 2x2 emotes are the maximum allowed size. Can I get a clarification on this? because 2x2 is a Four part emote, and mine is only Three, also keeps chat cleaner since it uses only one chat line. Has no letters/words/profane/gore/sexual content. And its also an emote for one small channel. Just an image of a weapon from Dark Souls game. Do I need some sort of permission from someone to get this emote approved or it is absolutely impossible to get one?

I mean it is similar to Taco emote, but in case with mine you cannot even spam cheese stretch in the middle because of the emote design. This situation upsets me very much :C

Thanks in advance

Sorry but only 2x2 is permitted.

maximum of 2x2 emotes (2 horizontal, 2 vertical), and any larger configurations will be denied.

Your 3x1 configuration exceeds the 2 horizontal, sorry.

Thank you for the answer. It is understandable, but how about the default taco emote? where cheese tiles in as many tiles as you want and it ends up 60x1 connected emote?
My emote cannot be exploited in that way and ends up just in a simple picture without any offensive content.

We’re not Twitch, we have our own defined rules. Which are stated when you upload an emote, sorry.

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