30 second songs request minimum

I’m not entirely sure why this was implemented, but I’d like to know how to turn that setting off.

Yes, sure, you can give me the spiel that there aren’t songs less than 30 seconds, nor are there song (modern) above 10 mins, but for a stream to which we have nightbot operating on for both utility and autodj, as a mod, I always enjoy tossing in a 13 sec meme every once and awhile to brighten up the mood.

If we wished for there to be only legit music on our channel, we’d either only allow YouTube music category requests (an option) or Spotify only requests (an option).

Thank you


You’ve come across the reason the limitation exists, which is to prevent the "13 sec meme"s that people post. If we get enough requests for a way to disable this option we might add a toggle for it in the settings, but for now it’s intentionally preventing this kind of abuse.

Is there any particular reason that this can’t be up to individual communities? I think it’s fantastic as an option for streamers who want to get rid of the shorter videos, but it seriously cripples the functionality for people who use it differently. It’s just weird to completely lose the ability to submit shorter vids for what feels like a trivial reason.

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This is really upsetting. I’m part of a twitch community where probably about half of what we submit is short meme videos, and we all love it, streamer and viewers alike. I like the idea behind the limitation, for streamers who don’t like the meme vids, but when we tried submitting videos today and saw the limitation, it bummed all of us out. There should certainly be an option to disable it for the streamers who actually like the ability to send short videos; I don’t know why giving the streamer the choice to enable it or disable it could be a bad thing. If someone submits something people don’t want to see, that’s what the mods are for - removing unwanted videos. Please give us the choice.

Update: The streamer I follow has actually uninstalled Nightbot now and is looking for something that will be more accommodating to allow the kinds of videos we want to submit.

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