2 Seperated playlists in Nightbot

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My name is Jhin,

I would like to do a 24 hour stream with k-pop only. With that said, I would love to add a completely different playlist to my Nightbot so it doesn’t mix up together with the non k-pop playlist. I would love to have 2 seperated playlists. 1 with, and 1 without k-pop. Can someone please help me on how to get that done?

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Go here https://beta.nightbot.tv/song_requests
Click “Settings”
Set playlist to “Channel”

Create your 2 playlists (kpop and non-kpop) on YouTube/SoundCloud. Make sure they can be publicly viewed.

Go here https://beta.nightbot.tv/song_requests/playlist
Make sure your Nightbot playlist is cleared by clicking “Clear Playlist”
Click “Import”
Copy and paste in either one of your YouTube/Soundcloud playlist links.

When you want to switch to the other playlist, clear the Nightbot playlist and import the other YouTube/SoundCloud playlist.

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Thank you so much for your quick reply!
It’s very much appreciated

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