2 $(count) variables within 1 command

Alright, so.
I have been helping a lot of people out with mod work.
And I want to be able to create a command that tracks 2 variables.
For example a W/L counter:
Streamer had won X games and lost Y games.
So !record would print the W/L statement.
And !win would add to X and !loss would add to Y.
I am not too good at understanding some of the capabilities of the various variables yet or if I would need to do some type of custom work to get this the way I want it.
The end goal is to be able to give the streamer the capability to push a multi-step button on a streamdeck that would then run the command in chat while also updating a text file for a custom overlay on screen.
I have looked through various posts and websites and everything else and can’t quite find what I am looking for.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Hiya, sounds like you will need something custom, if you also want the same info available in text files or overlays. Nightbot can fetch data using: UrlFetch - Nightbot Docs

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Hey @klassaction!

I think that’s what you’re looking for, just modify it a bit to suit your needs.

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Thank you soooooo much. I just ran through your instructions and got it working. Now onto the next step for the overlays. I appreciate the assistance!

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